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Our European River Cruise Destinations

One of the best ways to get to the heart of any destination is by sailing through its wonderfully scenic countryside, riverside towns and timeless cities, each allowing you to soak up the culture that runs through its often historic network of aqueous boulevards. From the medieval castles that punctuate the sloping vineyards of Germany, to stories of Portugal's New World Pioneers as you navigate the Douro's tempting bends and curves, miss nothing from your sun-soaked perch gliding above the water.

Charter River Cruise

This is an exclusive new concept, and by chartering our own vessels we have been able to craft itineraries and service specifically to our customer's. You will find one-way itineraries (so you don't see the same part of the river twice), a range of specially crafted excursions and innovative on board entertainment.

Each cruise is accompanied by a Great Cruise Journeys Tour Manager as well as a dedicated Cruise Director and, because we've chartered the entire ship, you will be travelling exclusively with other Great Cruise Journeys' customers.

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There can be no country more iconic for its romance, food, and art as France. From historic Normandy in the north, to elegant Cannes in the south, every inch of the country is intriguing and beautiful, and it is all a delight to explore and discover

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