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Cruises in France

There can be no country more iconic for its romance, food, and art as France. From historic Normandy in the north, to elegant Cannes in the south, every inch of the country is intriguing and beautiful, and it is all a delight to explore and discover - and there can be no better way than doing this from the rivers that thread through the country.

Wind through Paris on the lazy current of the Seine, seeing the stunning Parisian sights of the Notre Dame, the Eifel Tower, or the Louvre, or immerse yourself in the vineyards that dot the banks of the beautiful Rhône in Southern France, and view the alluring traditional villages along the banks of the gently flowing Dordogne in central France, in an exquisite adventure that showcases the best of this excellently varied and popular country.

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Luxury Rhine Cruise

Follow the winding Rhine on this fantastic tour through central Europe. Explore the Swiss city of Basel before charting a course through the charming vineyards of northern Germany, pass briefly through France and end your exploration along the waterways of Amsterdam.

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Luxury Rhône Cruise

Let the gentle currents of the Rhône transport you through Burgundy and Provence aboard your fantastic river cruise ship. Discover the region's verdant vineyards and absorb the atmosphere of its historic towns, soaring cathedrals and half-timbered houses as you sail from Lyon, taking in the UNESCO-protected centre of Avignon.

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All Inclusive Waterways of Bordeaux

Sail the timeless waterways of Bordeaux, discovering the charming villages and towns that line the Garonne and Dordogne rivers, as well as the Gironde Estuary. Taste local wines and enjoy all inclusive hospitality on board your 4 or 5-Star river ship.

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Sailing The Seine - All Inclusive

On a quintessentially French cruise, discover the enchanting beauty of the iconic Seine River, beginning in Paris and taking in elegant châteaus, alabaster cliffs, ruined abbeys and sophisticated Norman cities.

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