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Cruise journeys in Germany

Cruises in Germany

The mysterious forests, cinematic castles and half-timbered houses of Germany make this country an absorbing and almost magical affair. Cities like Berlin and Munich offer cosmopolitan class while places like the Harz Mountains and the Black Forest offer a mysterious retreat from the bustle of everyday German life.

With so much history, gastronomic indulgence and architectural prowess across the German regions, there are few places which can claim to offer as good a river cruise experience as the various mighty rivers which run up and down Germany. The most prominent river is the emerald green of the Rhine River with its exceptional scenery of noble mountains and verdant meadows. Germany is also the starting point of the Danube, on its impressive journey across ten countries to the Black Sea in Ukraine.

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Delights of the Danube

On this marvellous cruise, experience the magic of the blue Danube from the elegance of Imperial Vienna, to the twin cities of Buda and Pest.

Step back in time to the eras of the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of the Habsburgs, all whilst enjoying the surroundings of your ultra modern and comfortable cruise ship. There are also lots of included opportunities to taste the specialties of each region you sail through, creating a cruise that is a real treat for all the senses.

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The Majestic Rhine

From Switzerland to the Netherlands, this spectacular cruise reveals the majestic allure of the Rhine River, in all of its fairytale glory. We uncover beautiful valley gorges, splendid halftimbered towns and all the remarkable cities along the banks of this grand old river.

Over the course of four different countries, discover some of the finest experiences these nations have to offer including a German heritage rail journey, a French city tour and Dutch steam trains, along with daytime cruising on some of the finest stretches of the Rhine.

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You would be hard-pressed to find a country in Europe which has had some a momentous influence on European history, culture and even gastronomy than Germany. The beautiful romantic cities, the glorious classical music, the beer and the bratwurst and the wonderful German people all contribute to make this one of the finest of the European nations.  Meanwhile the spectacular natural landscapes found here are sublime, from the seductive mystery of the Black Forest to the shimmering Rhine Valley, and from the ancient Harz Mountains to the fairy tale castles of Bavaria. 

Rivers of Germany
Winding through the diverse scenery of Germany are two principal rivers, the majestic Rhine River and the imperial Danube.

Starting in Switzerland, crashing through the Swiss Alps and carving its gentle way through Germany's Rhineland, the Rhine River is a national symbol for Germany and rightfully so - the Rhineland and the Rhine Valley are some of Germany's most beautiful destinations. With its stunning natural beauty, its charming towns and its flourishing viticulture, the Rhine River is one of Germany's top destinations as it runs past fairytales forests, forgotten castles and imperious mountains.

Meanwhile, Europe's most famous river, the Danube, actually originates in Germany. In the town of Donaueschingen at the heart of the Black Forest, this excellent waterway makes its way through Germany and Eastern Europe. Famously the inspiration and subject of for Johann Strauss' The Blue Danube Waltz, the Danube has been used as a trade route, a strategic position and as a lifeline for many of the cities, towns and small villages which line its banks. As such, the Danube has shaped German history and culture for centuries, making it an important part of the German Identity.


German Culture
At the heart of German society is a people who are open, friendly and sensible, while Germany culture has much to offer in terms of music, theatre and film. This nation has long had a strong connection with music in particular, producing some of the finest composers ever to have existed. Arguably the best of these was Ludwig van Beethoven, a magnificent composer who was instrumental in pioneering the Romantic school of classical music. Also not to be forgotten is Johann Sebastian Bach, a baroque composer who was likely the best baroque composer ever, made famous by his Brandenburg Concertos. This is not to mention such figures as Romantic composers Johannes Brahms, Felix Mendelsohn and Carl Orff, amongst many others.

German philosophers are notable for their enormous impact on not only the discipline but also on general human understanding of morality, the mind and metaphysics. Perhaps the most well-known of these was Frederick Nietzche, whose work on nihilism inspired both good and evil, and who famously wrote 'That which does not kill us makes us stronger'. Another important figure was Emmanuel Kant, whose theories on ethics had an important impact on the concept of moral duty.

Germany has long had links with cinema, with world-class actors, directors and film composers having all come from this remarkable country. Iconic figures include directors Werner Herzog and Roland Emmerich, actors Marlene Dietrich and Christoph Waltz and one of the best film composer ever, Hans Zimmer.

Helpful hints
The official language of Germany is German. Many Germans have an excellent grasp of English, yet will appreciate those who try to speak German. The currency here is the Euro € and the capital city is Berlin


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