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The Netherlands
The Netherlands is truly one of Europe’s finest countries.

Cruises in the Netherlands

Cosmopolitan, continental, sophisticated: The Netherlands has always been a country of style and culture with much to offer in its two main cities, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Amsterdam in particular is a thriving cultural powerhouse made up of museums, art galleries and theatres. The rural Netherlands also has much to offer, with towns like Utrecht and Delft offering a taste of old Dutch charm, lined with canals and grand old houses.

Stretching across six countries, the Rhine River is the Netherland's most prominent river, followed by the Waal River. Both of these waterways drift past unrivalled scenes of stone bridges, windmills and tulip fields, lending a tranquil rustic charm to any cruise journey taken on the gentle water.

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Springtime Tulips and Keukenhof Gardens

Spectacular floral displays, poignant battlefield tours and fairytale cities await on this scenic cruise along the waterways of Belgium and the Netherlands.

From the decks of a luxurious river cruise ship, get to the heart of what makes these two charming countries so special as you are joined for on board talks from gardening television celebrity Charlie Dimmock, and World War I specialist Col. Piers Storie-Pugh

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The Majestic Rhine

From Switzerland to the Netherlands, this spectacular cruise reveals the majestic allure of the Rhine River, in all of its fairytale glory. We uncover beautiful valley gorges, splendid halftimbered towns and all the remarkable cities along the banks of this grand old river.

Over the course of four different countries, discover some of the finest experiences these nations have to offer including a German heritage rail journey, a French city tour and Dutch steam trains, along with daytime cruising on some of the finest stretches of the Rhine.

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Glorious arrays of tulips under the shade of magnificent white windmill sails, unique cities each offering something different, and a culture of art, fine dining and continental charm; the Netherlands is truly one of Europe's finest countries. From the glorious Keukenhof Gardens, to the political powerhouse at The Hague and from the sunny streets of Utrecht to and the renovated Arnhem, there is much to discover in the Orange country.

Arguably the most attractive part of the Netherlands is the way in which its traditional world brushes shoulders with its modern, cosmopolitan counterpart. The most obvious example of this is the stark contrast between her leading cities, with Amsterdam offering a culturally refined world of lazy canals and impressive townhouses, against Rotterdam's crystalline glass skyscrapers and contemporary architecture. Both naturally have their own indiscreet charm and both are well worth a visit.

Rivers of the Netherlands
The three most important rivers of the Netherlands are the Rhine, the Meuse and the Waal.
The Rhine River is one of Europe's largest rivers, beginning in Switzerland and crossing over around five countries as it runs through some of the most beautiful landscapes in each nation. The Netherlands is in fact host to the end point to this excellent waterway, as it flows out through Rotterdam's famous port. Along the way, it drifts through the lowlands, passing tulip fields and windmills.

The Meuse flows up through north from France, across Belgium and into the Netherlands and is one of Europe's uncovered waterway gems. This river runs through idyllic countryside and charming towns in over 575 miles of tranquil waters.

Finally, the Waal river is a branch of the Rhine River which breaks off in the Netherlands. An expansive section of waterway and one notable for its trade links between the Netherlands and Germany, the Waal is an impressive river, with wide banks and around 50 miles of water.

Amsterdam Canals

The Netherlands has a wealth of culture, found in the canals of Amsterdam, the architecture of Rotterdam and the windmills of Holland. It's iconic windmills, beautiful tulips and famous pottery all contribute to the Dutch national image, and the Netherlands' warm and welcoming people make exploring this remarkable nation a delight

Famous across the Netherlands are the wonderful windmills which come in all shapes, sizes and colours, up and down the country. The enormous sails gently drifting, coupled with marvellous architecture makes these windmills a true sight to see, and many of the line the Waal, Meuse and the Rhine, perfectly framed by the lowlands of the Netherlands.

The tulips are another example of a classic image of this excellent country. Bringing wonderful colours to cities, forests, riverbanks and meadows, these stunning flowers are celebrated and enjoyed up and down the Netherlands, and are collected and displayed at the spectacular Keukenhof Gardens in South Holland. This charming parkland is truly special, populated not only by tulips but also by all manner of botanical wonders, as well as streams and windmills.

Helpful hints
The language of the Netherlands is Dutch. Helpful phrase for this language include "hallo", meaning 'hello', "Ik heet…" meaning 'my name is…', "dank u" meaning 'thank you' and "alstublieft" meaning 'thank you'. Almost everyone in the Netherlands speaks excellent English, but appreciate efforts made to speak Dutch.

The currency in the Netherlands is the Euro, shown as €.
The Netherlands enjoys a similar climate to Great Britain with mild summers and moderate winters. Temperatures stand at around 4°C in winter and at about 18°C in summer.



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