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River Rhône

Rolling down from the snow-dusted peaks of the Swiss Alps through into the verdant meadows and Mediterranean climate of Southern France. Historical monuments, gastronomic prowess and a glowing viticulture make this excellent river a superb destination for any traveller, taking in the best of both France and Switzerland. Also featuring on the Rhône's riverbanks, are a range of charming cities from the Papal reverence of Avignon to the contemporary class of Lyon and the pretty towns in between.

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Provence and The Elegant Rhône

Discover the timeless elegance of France's beautiful Rhône on a memorable cruise which takes you to ancient monuments, enchanting cities, natural wonders and more.

Visit quaint Lyon, holy Avignon and charming Beaune, as well as the magnificent Ardèche Gorge as you drift down this peaceful river on a specially designed Five-Star ship. Enjoy excellent food and good company on this superb French adventure.

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Countries of the Rhône

The Rhône has its source high up amongst the peaks of the Swiss Alps running from the Rhône Glacier in the canton of Valais. The river tumbles from these heady heights, flowing through, over and under mountains, past Gletsch and the Goms in Valais before reaching the Swiss town of Brig. After Brig, the Rhône becomes a mighty torrent thanks to the sharp incline as it thunders its way down to the glittering Lake Geneva. On channelling through Lake Geneva, the Rhône makes its way into lower France and passes through the beautiful cities of Lyon, Tournon, Avignon, Arles and finally exits at Marseille into the gentle deep blue of the Mediterranean.

Highlights of the Rhône

The biggest highlights of the Rhône are found in the wonderful cities which dot the region around the river. Arguably the best of these is the city of Avignon. A tribal settlement, turned Roman city and Papal city, Avignon has a wealth of history at its feet, living in the noble buildings and winding streets. The whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and much of this is down to the magnificent Papal palaces and castles which populate Avignon. These glorious installations are impressive memories of when this city was the seat of the Papacy and consequently the centre of Christianity in the 12th century. With awe-inspiring white walls and turrets, the Papal Palace is well worth a visit. Another excellent city is the cosmopolitan Lyon. Sat at the meeting point of the Rhône and the Saône rivers, the colourful riverfront, layered landscape and marvellous cathedrals and castles of Lyon are charming and a wonder to explore. Finally, Marseilles at the end of the Rhône is a remarkable port city and one of Frances' largest and finest.

As an important trade route through history, the Rhône has seen a number of civilisations colonising the land along its banks. One of these was the Roman Empire and as a result, the Rhône's towns and cities are full of beautiful old Roman ruins of all shapes and sizes. A famous example is the exceptionally well preserved Pont du Gard aqueduct. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the scale and design of this construction is astonishing, particularly so considering its impressive age of nearly 2,000 years. Nearly 902ft in length and around 160ft high, the Pont du Gard is one of the finest Roman ruins in the world and certainly one of the best preserved. The town of Vienne is full of Roman monuments, including Roman roads, amphitheatres, ramparts, battlements and aqueducts.

Helpful Tips

The Rhône's two countries, France and Switzerland both have French as an official language. Switzerland also has French, Romansh, German and Italian. Switzerland typically uses the Swiss franc as a currency while France uses the euro. It is wise to have both currencies during your time on the Rhône since many Swiss shopowners will not take euros.

The weather in both countries is mild, and for the most part of the French Rhône, the climate can rise to highs of 25°c and lows of 7°c.

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