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On board dining experience

Food is one of the most important aspects of a holiday for many travellers, tantalising taste buds with new flavour combinations, spoiling yourself as you sit down to multiple courses, and washing it all down with excellent local wine, beer, or even both! And that's not to mention the sumptuous spreads laid out for breakfast, allowing you to help yourself before setting out on excursions or settling in for a morning of watching the world glide effortlessly by.

Your on board chefs have truly mastered the art of creating gourmet food while afloat, and with menus featuring culinary creations such as grilled beef tenderloin served up along a side of marinated tiger prawns, locally caught butterfish encased in a pesto and olive crust and tender crab meat adorning freshly sliced avocado, you won't be surprised to hear that many of the cruise ships included in this brochure have won numerous awards for their food.

Chefs Table

Every day food and drinks are readily available:

  • Start the day properly with a breakfast selection that includes an array of hot and cold favourites
  • Sit down to relaxed lunches that will keep you sustained through an afternoon of explorations
  • Top up before dinner with a visit to the complimentary tea & coffee making station, available 24/7, and perhaps accompanied by a sandwich or pastry
  • Enjoy a waiter-served dinner that can stretch from three courses to four, and sometimes even five! 
  • Sip your welcome cocktail your first night on board, this is also when you'll get to experience the slightly more formal, Captain's gala dinner
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